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An error with Watchcrunch views?

I could be mistaken but I'm seeing that the view counter on some recent posts is looking pretty low. My most recent one only received 1, has anyone el...
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Makes a fine and dandy desk clock.

Anyone else daily a 47mm? Or a 44!
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You're stuck on a desert island with a mechanical watch. What movement do you pick over the others, and why?

I'd pick whatever has the biggest bridges and least moving parts.
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Jewbaka commented on One spot... for a diver? ·

You might like my review on the Lorier Neptune! It's my favorite watch currently, gets more wrist time than my Panerai does. 

Jewbaka commented on Is AP, in fact, a one-trick pony? ·

Lange, for its Lange 1, 1815, Pour Le Merite. 

Jewbaka commented on Anybody knows what Panerai model this is? ·

That is one hundred percent fake. There are no open-heart Panerais.

Jewbaka commented on What Vintage Soviet Brand Should I be Looking at? ·

Molnija ;)

Jewbaka commented on Boyfriend finally got his explorer ·

Mazel tov! 

Jewbaka commented on What are your "meh" watches ·

Every Speedy for me, besides the Moonshine (gold case, green dial). Most, if not all Grand Seikos. All Seiko 5s. Explorer II, all modern Submariners. All Patek besides the Calatrava. 

Jewbaka commented on Adrian (Bark & Jack) delivers with this latest run ·

Gonna be ordering a mug and horween strap from him real soon! 

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30th Birthday "Dilemma"

Good afternoon crunchers! I have my big three-oh coming up on Wednesday. Now, I told myself I wouldn't buy another watch after the Lorier, but this St...
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What is the consensus on Wranglerstar?

Controversy side (Believe me there is a lot of it), I think he has a well worn collection. shows off his l...
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Who sleeps with their watch on?

If you do, what are you wearing? I'm usually wearing my Lorier, or 36mm modded Seiko. Comfy nato leather strap and a case that disappears on the wrist...
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Uncle's New Acquisition

I don't think I've ever loved a quartz watch more than this piece. I had to add a link, which was precariously hidden away inside the box it came in a...
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Not quite rated for 4000 feet...

At least in the opposite direction.
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When buying vintage online, how important are movement shots?

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Merry Chrismukkah!

Who else is wearing the world's most uncomfortable nato strap?
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