Unusual bund strap

This strap is for an Omega Speedmaster (Reduced i think, should be 39mm) used by my girlfriend's mother

She liked the blue stamped leather i had so i made the strap with that, but oddily enough she asked me to make a bund strap as she also liked the one i'm using now

So we ended up with a fancy blue stamped crocodile bund strap hahahaha

At first i was kind of skeptical as usually bund straps are associated with aviation and a more "rugged-utilitarian" look, but i ended up actually liking the result

What do you guys think about this weird combination and also do you like or not the idea of stamped leathers?

I'll have to post a newer picture once fitted on the watch!


Great work I’d like to do some leather work one day


Great work I’d like to do some leather work one day


I highly encourage you to, you can start very easily and with few simple tools and very little space! There are lots of places where you can find smaller leather cuts and affordable tools to start! From there you'll be trying to make straps in no time