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Iluvhomages ·

New Strap, Who Dis?

I so enjoyed the look of the first leather strap on my Tissot PR100 Powermatic, I had to try out another one. This new one has contrasting stitching a...
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Rich_P ·

Steel or Leather?

Sure, there's many other options, but which of these 2 do you have more of in your collection at this moment?
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Gray1972 ·

Best spring bars UK??

Can anyone recommend decent spring bars in the UK? Also what thickness do fellow crunchers recommend? I'm aware that certain thicknesses will not be c...
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Younus ·

The Vostok and how it's useful in the cold.

Exploring Banff, Alberta with the Vostok Amphibia. Beyond its beauty, this watch has proven so useful in the freezing cold. Despite the faults, it's c...
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Small_Floppa ·

What sort of leather watch straps are good?

Hello fellow watchcrunchers, I am thinking about getting a couple leather straps for my seiko cocktail. The seiko cocktail came with a rather comforta...
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bikerbill ·


I'm getting so fed up with buying nice looking straps online, only to have them start falling apart after a few weeks use. Please recommend your choic...
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SD1979 ·

Does this combo work?

The keeper on the original band fell off bc at work and I have this one that will hold up better at work. Don't know if I like the color combination y...
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robwei ·

Leather band inspiration

When it starts to look like autumn and temperatures are falling, I start to feel like putting my watches on leather bands. For some inspiration, let's...
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Bazzainhk ·

What’s your favourite strap

Do you look at your watch box and see 24 watches all on bracelets or nato straps or is it a sea of leather, we all have our preference. with me it’s n...
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Bridger ·

CARRINA LEATHER An Excellent Leather Watch Strap!

I am so happy with this strap that arrived yesterday from “Carrina Leather”. Beautiful in it‘s design and craftsmanship. Love the quality leather to i...
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