Who makes quality steel bracelets for seiko watches

I have a collection of seikos, and may consider a new bracelet for one of these (some are on leather or rubber straps). For example, I have a nice sla043j1 (62mas re-edition), and was wondering if quality bracelets exists for this model (although the case is made by seikos ever brilliant steel). But that is just this watch. Do you know of any good bracelet suppliers that can supply bracelets for a variety of seiko models and which are good quality? Do seiko themselves offer this service?

Thanks Jannik

Marc at Islander watch's . Uncle Seiko.

Uncle seiko and Strapcode for sure

Check Uncle Seiko

It鈥檚 UncleStraps now. I just got a really nice bracelet from him for my Pagani 鈥淪peedmaster鈥 (it fits!) and the bracelet is infinitely better than what came on my Seikos.

Long Island and Strap Code are also good options but I haven鈥檛 had one of theirs myself.

Guys, thank you for your responses. What if ones model is not covered by the standard offerings, is it possible to get bespoke endlinks made? And in this case who would offer such a service?

Hi Jannik, I bought my Alpinist 316L SS brushed bracelet at Strapcode. For the money ( 86$ to be precise ) it is surprisingly well made, solid links with screws and milled clasp with lots of micro adjustment holes. The curve at case fits perfectly and even the vertical brushing matches the case completely. I see they have 4 different models for your watch too. If you want I can send picture of how it looks on my Alpinist SPB201J1 but they also have them on the web.