Cufflink risk

My Seiko Alpinist bracelet has a scratch and a potential suspect has been identified - see picture.

So if I get back to wearing double cuff shirts and cufflinks twice per week I can only pair with leather strap watches - as I used to a) when I wore a suit most days and commuted to London, and b) had a more limited watch collection prior to getting into collecting.

It' a good reason to buy another leather strap office watch (Tissot Gentleman or PRX, Seiko SZSB012) or I could even get a quartz version of one these as even thinner.....thoughts?


I have only one French cuff shirt, and it's from a Japanese brand with cuffs so snug I can barely fit anything under it, even with my fairly thin wrists. But I'm confused by how this could happen. From inside the cuff, all that is exposed is the center portion between the buttonholes, and that is basically recessed in a crotch of fabric. If would have to be pushed on, forcefully, by the cuff edge, and that seems unlikely and uncomfortable.

Or is this from the link on the opposite hand? Anyway, I'd think a leather watchband generally more appropriate on the formality scale.


The risk is real. You can grab a Bergeron Scratch Removing Pen to fix that, but yeah, it’s a risk every time one wears cufflinks.