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Boutiques need to take better care of their watches.

The other post where someone’s GS arrived by mail, all scratched up, inspired me to write my first post. This might be an unpopular opinion here but I...

Is Titanium really stronger than steel?

Case Material Scratch test by Ben’s Watch Club. Is Citizen Super titanium really 4x harder compared to 316L steel ? I’m impressed with that PVD and Ce...

Dropping a luxury watch

This weekend I was playing with straps on some of my fancy watches.. this morning I decided to wear my Moonphase Speedy. Was rushing out of the car an...

Question...Watch clasp

How or what is the best way to protect a stainless watch bracelet fold over clasp from scratching.. Any ideas? Thank you..

Scratches on Stainless vs Titanium

Does anybody have a solid answer on whether titanium scrathes more easily than stainless? Love this Chris Ward driver in grade 2 titanium but my gut t...

Rado DiaStar Original Alfredo Haberli Design

I have never been a big fan of the blinged out DiaStar. Always overlooked while window shopping. It has looked quite silly to me with it's huge polish...

Junghans Chronoscope PWD Coating yes/no?

Hello watch community! I’m new in the game and really glad your posts are tempting me to add some nice watches to my yet small collection. I really love the style and simplicity of the Junghans Max Bi...
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What do you rest your watch on at work?

I can't type three characters on a keyboard with a watch on because I'm thinking about my watch. Even inexpensive aftermarket bands/bracelets count on...

Desk diver question

Hi all,  I was thiking about wearing my submariner as my daily beater watch. Figured no point sitting in watch winder looking pretty when I paid so mu...

Getting rid of scratches on brushed stainless steel?

As far as I'm aware, dealing with polished stainless steel and brushed stainless steel are two very different things. Does anyone have any advice on g...