Frédérique constant? Thoughts?

I really like these watches… does anyone have strong feelings on them either way?


I have one in my collection and if I have to be honest it's one my favorite. 


Long time I ignored FC, now I own one. Even it's a quartz but the build quality is exquisit. When I bought it I compared the FC with next similiar premium watch they had in the store, a Mont Blanc. Actually quite similiar quality. The calf leather strap was super smooth.

The lovely texture of the dial, the hands. Everything on this watch is great processed.

I also get it for a great price. So I couldn't resist.

It became one oc my favorit watches.

Since them I always consider FC.

Although FC is a quite young company founded in the 80s, they took their job really seriously. It was never their intention just to produce any kind of a watch, make sone money and retire.

They always improved their selfs every single year.

Not only by design. Also by techniques.

They getting better and better and more sophisticated. 

Since few years they even developed their own manufacture calibers.

Now they start to offer all their watches with external bought and own developed movements.

The manufacture lines raised in price of course and we xan soon expect, that FC will offer manufacture movements only in future.

What impressed me most ob FC is their new Slim Line Monolithic and it's complete self developed and manufactured caliber with 288,000 (40hz!) vibrations!!!

Mechanically! No spring drive or anything.

The second hand glides. That's pure hypnotic.

The vibration of the open heart of silicon oscilator is even not visual for the human eye.

It makes really fun to observe FC and see what they bring up new every single year.

Their designs of the classic watches are mostly homages. But well made. My one is actually a kind of homage of Omega Tresor de ville. 

I also like their Breguet designs.

But their sport watches as like Highlife are mostly own design....and really great ones.

FC offers for their price great watches from real enthusiast watch makers.

Congratulations for your choise. You will not regret it.


FC generally makes quality watches wit’s good design and strong complications at a relatively affordable price. 


Thanks everyone … gonna pull the trigger 


I've owned a few from the brand and they are pretty solid for the money (grey market). However, the ones that have the 2824-2 or SW-200 are rather crappy to wind. The manufacture level can be quite a good value as well.