Where do you buy your watches in Europe?

Hello everyone,

Finally taking some time for my first post.

I got into watches last summer by accident. Decided I needed a watch for a fancy wedding, did my research and bought a Timex Waterbury Traditional.

I enjoyed picking out and wearing that expensive Timex but didn't want to damage it. So I bought a Casio Duro straight from their website.

But I was still looking at other watches and starting to realise that my 230$ Timex wasn't that expensive at all. I discovered AliExpress has "hommages" and picked out two models just based on their looks to see if I'd enjoy having a proper collection.

And here I am today. Still enjoying my watches but looking at other options to buy from Europe.

Some options I've found all have drawbacks:

  • Jomashop is great for grey market but I fear for import duties and warranty handling issues

  • I'm a unsure how to spot good deals on ebay or chrono24

  • Catawiki has some nice watches but a rather steep auctioneer fee

  • ADs seem expensive. I'm terrible at negotiating!

Am I missing a good option? Or are some of my fears unfounded?


Hi Herald, welcome along buddy.

I've not long started collecting a few watches for myself, and based in the UK I'm probably looking mostly at the same marketplaces as yourself.

I'd say do your research before picking up anything used or vintage.

I've recently purchased an Omega De Ville mechanical with the cal.625 movement for a present for my wife as a dress watch, and picked it up from a well renowned and dependable watch dealer from Japan (on Ebay), and has an authentication guarantee with it.

A few things to consider I'd say are:

  1. Do your research on watch models to allow yourself to make the right choice of watch style and movement.

  2. Choose between examples based on condition and weigh up the cost against getting as pristine a watch as you can.

  3. Try and barter for a discount, and you may also be able to bring down the customs declaration price along with any associated import taxes due.

Obviously these are purely for pre-owned watches, but if you're buying new, be sure to sign up to the newsletters of reputable jewellers and you could bag yourself anything up to 25-40% discounts in their sales periods.

Good luck in your watch hunting.


Chrono24 is OK I would say....but always check the reviews of the seller.....If it´s a professonial seller also check out his website....often, not always, you will find the watch on his website shop a little cheaper, as he doesn´t has the Chrono24 commission to pay if you buy it directly from him.....I am living in Germany and bought through Chrono24 in many countries, Italy, Holland, Lithuania, Ireland, etc...but I only buy from countries in the European Union to avoid import taxes....having said that, f*ck Brexit 😎


I’m in the EU based in Sweden and have found that the Jomashop discount disappears quickly when you factor in all the fees. If you’re after a second hand affordable watch I’ve found Chrono24 pretty good. If you’re in the EU and the seller is also than you can use Chrono24’s Escrow service. That allows you to check the watch prior to the seller receiving payment.

Otherwise when I buy new I’ve got my prefered AD’s. You can sign up and get notified about deals.


Good tip on browsing chrono24 then checking professional sellers own site. I'll create an account and have a look.

I never sign up for newsletters. But if it saves me money I'm all for it! Are there large dealers with lots of brands? I visited a local jewelry store who had fashion watches, Rodiana, Roamer and Seiko. Seiko has a huge catalogue of course but I expected more brand variety. Maybe I shouldn't have watched Teddy visiting the largest boutique in New York first 😀


My number one choice is Chrono24, from dealers or shops with a good amount of sales and of course good reviews, and only from EU.


I’ve purchased a few watches from CW Sellors (aka Jura Watches).

They have a few good sales throughout the year, so it’s worth subscribing to their newsletter.

Chrono24 is also a good source.