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4 months ago
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Q: How did you get into watch collecting?

As a young teen, was given an Omega from a house clearance. Sadly its lost in the mists of time.

Q: What was the first watch you ever owned?

Timex, not sure of model but it was a field watch for sure!

Q: Do you have a watch with a particularly interesting story behind it?

Seiko RAF issue gen 2. 1995. These were made strictly for a military contract, issued to navigators flying in fast jets or helo's. I have an absolutely mint example.

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for someone just getting into watches?

Resist the impulse buy! You will lose money reselling a watch unless you know your stuff.

Q: What brands have been getting your attention lately?

CWC, Seiko, Vertex, Traser, Omega

Q: What is your grail watch and why?

Vertex M100, I am an absolute sucker for military watches having served for 18 years myself. Even if I could get one, its probably more than I can comfortably spend.