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Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

Hi all, Have had this watch a little while, really struggling to find any info online. Nothing in the O+W back catalogue, 4 Hz movement, no markings o...

Ollech and Wajs

Hi all. I have fallen down a bit of a rabbit hole here. O+W made the m65 and m67, which was popular with US servicemen, along with seiko. Both bought...

Spb 153 running slow

My new Seiko is running really slow, losing a few minutes over three or four days. Messaged Seiko service centre but no reply yet. Can anyone tell me...

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commented on Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

Recieved a reply from O+W today

Your watch has been identified as a MB2824 model built between 1998 and 2017 approximately.

Good to have a model number, and a very rough date.

commented on Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

This plastic tough case came with my watch, I guess its original.

commented on Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?
commented on Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

Great info, thank you. I read somewhere that a basic O+W was one of the watches purchased by some American servicemen, Vietnam era. Is that the M series?

Anyway, this is currently my daily driver; really enjoying the watch.

commented on Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

The lume on mine is virtually dead now, which is a shame.

commented on Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

Wow, that is the first one i have seen, other than mine. The original strap on mine was a green nato, which didn't allow me to get to the spring bars, I ended up cutting it off. I like the rubber strap I have on mine now, as the watch sits flatter on my wrist. Yes indeed I thinks it's an ETA movement. As per my pic, after servicing mine is keeping fantastic time now. Is there anything else you can tell me?

I wonder what date they were made, and what they sold for?

commented on Ollech and Wajs mystery watch?

I have emailed them, let's see what they come back with.

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