Project Build a Camel Round 7 - Send in the Crowns

We now have the case, the caseback, the bezel, the dial and the pretty rotor sorted. They all arrived today via DHL and FedEx and look pretty good to me. I posted an update earlier if you want to see. (Exciting stuff) So, onto the Crown... Just one round for you this time. 1 sterile crown, 3 with an engraved "S" . Normally, the "S" would signify "Seiko" but, if you change your name to Stephen or Sarah, you'll have your very own personalised crown. Of course, you may already be called Stephen or Sarah in which case it's a win, win. I'm off to take my medication... over to you, beautiful people ...

'Send in the crowns' 馃ぃ

Sterile! For what does the S even stand?


'Send in the crowns' 馃ぃ

Glad someone noticed that. I do try 馃ぃ


Sterile! For what does the S even stand?

Errr... Seiko, Stephen, Sarah, Sexy, Sausages ... Whatever you wish really. The mod is based on a Seiko SKX013 and a NH35 movement.聽

Go knurled for grippy crown action.聽

Long live the Stephen crown!

I cast my no-weight vote for the coin-edged, signed, piece.聽

I like the subtle indicator of the fact that said crown is manipulating a Seiko movement.聽

And the fact that it stands for... satisfatory? 聽Somnabulant? 聽Synesthesia? 聽Yes. Those.