Project Build a Camel Round 6d - Giving Colour

So, after 60+ votes the very clear winner of the rotor poll, with nearly 75% of those votes, is the Skeleton. Now, as I've stated previously there are colour options available... and that's your next choice. There are three colours to deliberate over; the original silver, a gunmetal grey and a nice blue. There are others but I used my discretion and impeccable taste to narrow it down a bit. Once we're done here it'll be the crown (because it's a relatively simple one to sort) and then the hands which will take a number of rounds to decide. Lastly, the crystal. Choose wisely once again...

Blue only if it's thermaly blued. Otherwise the silver.


After 24 hours the Blue rotor looks to have pinched it. Lower turnout on this one... poll fatigue maybe... or Gasworks fatigue (I get that tbh 馃ぃ).

Next up is the Crown... and that's not the rather dreadful Netflix series.