Timex reissue

Apologies if this has been posted already but the new timex looks great. Honestly for affordable watches they've been killing lately.



Not a fan of faceted crystals,especially polyester faceted crystals. And I'm a lifelong (very long) fan of Timex.

Another cool reissue, but I'm with foghorn about the acrylic crystal (mind you would polish out I suppose) glass ones are bad enough, but I'm a facet lover so maybe....

I could be interested but need to see more. This is where YouTube reviews are useful - not really for what is said but the 360 views you get.

The first image had me. The other images of the watch stopped me in my tracks.

Reminds me of the rare Casio MTP-E120LY-2AV


That is stunning. Dial reminds me of a seiko