Window shopping

In Guildford today, jewellers in close proximity to each other.

Didn't go in any of the shops. The Rolex dealer was peculiar, watches in the window said "display purposes only" Not that I could afford them, or wanted them.

Tag Heur, nothing I liked.

Grand Seiko, I never realised that the top price was in the region of 拢9,000. Didn't like any of them.

Breitling had some appeal. Longines, I've forgotten what they were.馃檮

Have to say that I prefer my Seagull 1963 compared to any of their offerings. Also prefer my San Martin bronze Tuna to any of the dive watches I saw. 拢33,000 for a Rolex dive watch! Fair enough if that's in your price range. Prefered the Omegas to them. But, we all have our own tastes and desires, so I'm not criticising others viewpoints.

I live close to Guildford and can't find anything in my price range except for the one at the bottom of the high street. There are 2 jewellers in Godalming at better price points.

Be better going to see Anderson's and giving Lee some of your hard earned for a nice guitar.