Gen 1 monster

Hi I have a gen 1 orange monster that I bought years ago.

It's on a bracelet,which over the years has shrunk to uncomfortable. Or my wrist is fatter 馃槂聽

I do have the box with the spare links in It's in my safe place that I can't find.

Do you have any recommendations for replacement straps?

Oem is fine but just to have something to consider聽

I鈥檝e been pretty happy with Strapcode bracelets. 聽

I will check them out thank you

I don't think has a monster bracelet. Maybe wrong and if they do it would be my recommendation. I'd be tempted to see if a Heimdallr bracelet fits (I'd be willing to bet it does). It's cheaper and I have a Heimdallr the bracelet is good.

Thanks for all the info

I do have a strapco bracelet on mu turtle so can vouch for the quality.聽

I didn't want to spend too much because murphys law will come into effect and I'll find the box with all my older watch boxes in 馃槉聽

Soooo I've just bought this bracele 聽for a good price on ebay...sort of looks ok I think.聽

What do you think?


My bracelet arrived and is sized to fit loosely.. feels much better. Hope to find my spare links sometime soon聽