My holiday companion

I’ve carefully chosen a watch for the occasion as this was my first one-week vacation where I would be by myself (it’s all about making memories right?). Because I was ‘alone’ for a week I’ve chosen to play golf in Portugal. The flight wasn’t very long (2,5 hours) and, as you might’ve guessed, I really enjoy golfing! It also seemed like a good idea because the trip would have some sort of a purpose and I could meet people on the golf course.

The watch that I’ve chosen to take with me was the Omega SMP300M. I have the black version and put it on an OEM green rubber strap around 2 months ago. Because the weather was still quite nice and my hotel was close to the beach it felt like an easy choice. Though, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did eventually!

Whenever I wear a watch that is water resistant to a swimming kind of rating >10ATM, it basically never gets off my wrist. To be honest I have no idea why I do this, maybe it just gives that extra feeling of a tool watch when you never take it off. Although I must confess, whilst playing golf I’m wearing a Garmin that can track distances, scores etc so that would be the only time my Omega comes off.

Because the Seamaster (almost) never came off my wrist it felt like I took the watch to it’s rightful home. On the beach, in the water, dressy, casual, and all the other occasions you might find when you’re on vacation. The METAS certified monster can handle every situation and that’s what can really be felt while wearing it. And yes I know, these conditions don’t come close to all the METAS ratings like saturation diving. But it really helps for ease of mind that the watch has these ratings.

Apart from the technical side, aesthetically the watch also felt right at home. Because I was playing golf most of the time there were a lot of green surroundings. That made the rubber strap really stand out and fitting for the occasion. The watch has been in my collection for the better part of a year now and I’m still enjoying the ceramic, almost mirror-like, dial a lot. The evenings that I went out for dinner and met the sunset, the dial reflects color and light like a charm. The polishing on the hands and hour markers also come into play, whenever the dial is bright they reflect a lot of light making them highly legible. When indirect sunlight hits, the watch almost takes a matte like finish. I am still very much impressed by the way this watch plays with different kinds of lighting.

All-in-all, the Seamaster doesn’t get any unnecessary attention and is perfectly fitting for a vacation to a sunny location. I’ve enjoyed it a lot this trip and am looking forward to making a lot more memories with this watch!

If you’ve come this far, thanks for reading! I would love to here your stories on watches and trips. Leave them in the comments below 😁


Great vacation, great watch.. now you have made me jealous 😬😬😁😁