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DariusII ·

A nod to Saint Patrick’s Day. Which of your watches may keep you from getting pinched?

Since 1631 when a feast day was established by ‘the church’ for Saint Patrick, people all over the place (usually every 17th of March) have been weari...
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RichFBush ·

Watches for holiday...

Trying to decide what watches to take on an all-inclusive style holiday - beach, pool, scuba diving and fine dining. This is what I've settled on - di...
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TimeJunkie ·

What is your watch for Fat Tuesday ?

Today is Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras my WC Friends! For all of our NOLA Crunchers it's a given they understand the meaning of the day on another level....
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Max ·

Best watch at every price point $500-$5000

It's getting to the end of the year and I'm taking stock of the watches I've reviewed and putting together a holiday guide. The rules are, these have...
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roeelupo ·

What was your watch choice for the holidays?

Mine was the hamilton khaki auto 38mm on a bracelet
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Trophyhusband ·

Wife thinks she is funny

Trophy wife thought it would be funny when she was out Holiday shopping asking me about a Rolex. Haha. She said she found a vintage one and wanted my...
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SurferJohn ·

Let's see your watch with a Halloween theme.

The Halloween stuff came out this weekend! Feeling festive, I
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Watchme1 ·

A little perspective is a wonderful thing

I sold my Explorer and I learned something in the way of perspective. Despite the fact that the Explorer is one of the hype watches du jour, to me it...
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thatguy306 ·

It’s Canada Day Today

Haven’t been super active on Watch Crunch lately as being summer my garage/shop is were I spend my free time on non-watch related projects. Then our d...
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