Feedback from a recent poll


Are you a conscious collector of considered purchases or buy whatever takes your fancy?

I.e. do you have a predetermined idea of what to purchase or simply buy on impulse.

A: Considered, B: Impulsive, C: Mix of A and B.


It looks like the majority go for C (mix of A and B) 52.7%. Anecdotally most take a considered approach to the more expensive watches and are more impulsive with cheaper watches. This is closely followed by A (considered) 42.6% but are more likely to be interested in more expensive luxury brands. This leaves B 4.8% who are impulsive although it is unclear if this includes the more expensive range of watches.


I 100% buy on impulse but I鈥檓 very picky I鈥檝e got to be 100% on a watch before buying it they can鈥檛 be any hesitation about buying it if it鈥檚 not love at first sight it鈥檚 no good

I first think what will fit into my collection. Right now, I'm wanting a black dial dive watch. It cannot be too similar to my Explorer, it can't be high end luxury, but I haven't decided yet if I want it to be under $1000 or in that middle range, or if I want to go Pelagos 39. It will take me some time before I decide price point, land on the watch then I'll muse about it for quite awhile before finalizing the purchase

It's how I buy just about everything except that silly limited edition Snoopy. However, I didn't impulse buy it either. I just had less time to think as it was limited.

First thank u for taking the time and effort to prepare this analysis. I fall into the category of folks who consider the purchase. I鈥檓 part of the community that enjoys the research and analysis of each purchase regardless of price point. Sometimes I probably overdo the thinking but as of today it鈥檚 proven to be almost always better to be well prepared then surprised. I鈥檓 always amazed when people say they purchased a watch that they don鈥檛 bond with or something to that effect. Seems like a admission

of poor analysis. So again thanks for the info.

I am all "considered". I determine what I need first, then I study everything, elaborate a short list, try them and eventually come the impulse.

I am proud to tell myself that everything is under control and that I am a rational guy, although this whole passion is absolutely crazy.馃槣

This is like a illness,but I try my best to be considered.

I try not to buy anything that I won鈥檛 keep - I鈥檒l only sell watches if they鈥檙e catch-and-release.

I find one of the ironies of watch collectors stems from the appreciation of mechanical movements due to their design, engineering, and their enduring nature. Quartz movements are looked down upon because they are cheaper and they are usually replaced, rather than repaired - a mechanical movement can last your whole lifetime and then you can pass it down to your kid. But despite this appreciation of watches as objects of permanence in today鈥檚 world of planned obsolescence, so many collectors will flip through watches after weeks/months, never actually keeping them long-term.

I鈥檇 rather have a smaller collection of considered pieces that I can wear frequently and never get rid of, compared to a bunch of watches that come in and out of my possession or a huge collection of cheaper watches that mostly never get worn.


Most definitely considered.

In my experience impulse buys are the ones that I tire of, wear less and eventually loose money on.

I don't buy a watch without first handling it and having it on wrist multiple times. If a watch interests me I'll research it, read / watch reviews and then visit my local boutique and check it out.

I'm often surprised by watches that haven't previously interested me at this point. There always seems to be something in the AD / boutique that puts itself into contention unexpectedly after I've experience it in the metal. This is when I slow down and wait for the watch to come to me, wait to see which watch lands in my thoughts more frequently. I normally drop back in a few times and wait until I'm sure that I'm sure.

Buying this way has done wonders for my collection. The month or two (... or three) of pre-purchase 'research' becomes part of the watches story - so the sentimental attachment starts to form before I even own a watch. I make better decisions, buy better watches and even extend myself budget wise this way and what I buy means more as a result.

I hem and haw over a watch, usually until I no longer want it. I started out very impulsive, then realized I had a pile of watches I never wore!

I add anything that catches my eye to my wishlist, where it has to do battle with everything else on there before purchase. Very rare that it's a straight impulse buy.