What's it worth.

I've just returned from my step dad's funeral and it's dawned on me that although I don't wear my little OP very often no other item of clothing or jewellery has accompanied me on so many significant days. It was an 18th birthday present that has been with me through 10 weddings including two of my own. The birth of 4 out of my five children. The funerals of both my mother and father. Plus many other birthday celebrations and anniversaries.

So how do you insure a watch with so much history? What's it worth?


It鈥檚 priceless. Sorry for the loss.

I insure it by being smart with it and keeping it worn.

I have my grandfathers gold Rolex on President, I make sure to wear it when safe, which is a lot, I service and maintain it, it

Goes into the gun safe when not being worn, I don鈥檛 travel with it and I essentially as Patek used to say simply take care of it for the next generation. I had the obligatory appraisal done and it鈥檚 covered under my personal articles, a separate jewelery policy and thirdly by my umbrella policy. Now if something happened to it, I couldn鈥檛 replace the sentimental memories and attachment to the watch, but I鈥檓 damn sure covered enough to (without angrily coming out of my own pocket) enough to go and replace it with the same or similar watch so I can still reference and rember him and his choice of watch.

Can't put a price on that...just have to hand it down to the right person that will appreciate that

The only insurance on that type of item is memories, pictures, stories often told & kept in a memoir of some sort.

The item may cease to be in a family's possession at some point, but the memoir can live on.

Loss of a loved one is always hard. My condolences to you & the family.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Deepest sympathies for your loss! It will take a long time but the dark days will get better.

I'm sorry for your loss. A watch like that is priceless. I'm still a very young lad finishing up high-school, but my most sentimental watch, my Camy Club-Star, will be worn for my wedding, for any funerals, for my last day at school, etc.

I promised myself that. It's impossible to insure something like that because only the wearer knows the true value. It's never "just a watch."

I鈥檓 not sure there鈥檚 an objective way to out a price on any of that. My condolences to you and your family, friend.