Clock & Watch history

(this one is for @chronotriggered )

I was researching my Westclox watch today (Model 38402 from 1965-1966, as it turns out) by going through the excellent archive of data found at, mentally thanking whomever uploaded decades' worth of catalogs, and ran across this marketing piece in a Westclox catalog from 1970, talking about the superiority of jeweled-lever movements over pin-lever movements.  

On top is the Seiko 66B that Westclox used at that time, marked A-201 (they also used a 7 jewel version marked D-407; I have one on the bench from 68-71).  I'm not sure what the bottom one is, though I suspect it's the same pin-lever movement that Westclox themselves used in their cheaper offerings.

Anyway, thought it was interesting to look at.  Also interesting - note in the text at the bottom about what the FTC considers "water-resistant."