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Recent Comments

chronotriggered commented on Tudor on the Rise ·

I would be interested to hear you elaborate on this point, provided that you can. If this was a cheap shot, then fine, but promise us that you will not be upset if somebody counters with either something equally flippant, or with some science.

chronotriggered commented on Tudor BB58 Tolerance ·

This is not acceptable for a watch that cost you this much, and therefore you are well within your rights to seek a satisfactory resolution. 

chronotriggered commented on Horological Monogamy: The Allure of the “One Watch” ·

One watch is not a collection though, it is just a watch. If you went from 16 to 1 it’s called a clear out, or clarity.

I received a letter in the mail today with a stamp, but that does not make me a philatelist.

I couldn’t drop to just one, I could do 2 at gunpoint (this was in another thread recently), and an easy 5 if you were being lenient (again, another thread from recent times). I’m tired of answering the same questions.

chronotriggered commented on Cartiers! Which one? ·

Just… yes. You cannot go wrong with Cartier.

Bonus content: Steve McQueen, Thomas Crown Affair, Tank Cintree 

chronotriggered commented on Pagani Design Delivers! ·

(bonus hidden content)

That is a nice one, I have recently joined the PD owners club with a Tiffany Oyster homage.


I may have alienated a fair few friends and followers on here, so it is only fitting I go all in on one of these. Here is the rub, it satisfies an itch doesn’t it? We are simple creatures, and sometimes we just need a little bit of homage just to keep ticking over. This is the first time I have tried the homage to satisfy route, so it’s unfamiliar territory for me, but so far so good. To be fair, I would probably buy a salmon dialled AirKing similar to the one I purchased my father for his retirement over a Tiffany Oyster, but you know, the intent still remains.

Vintage wise, I have this 60s Hales that is around 30mm and it gives me major Oyster vibes. I love this watch so much, and it cost me £12.


Enjoy that palm dial - I’ve seen a few, and I’m sorely tempted.

chronotriggered commented on Need more info on this line of vintage Rotary watch ·

The reports of my death are an exaggeration 

chronotriggered commented on Sherpa Ultradive ·

Yes, you are, but kudos to you. Anything that references the Enicar Sherpa, and is delivered with such a level of care and devotion requires some respect. The price is eye-watering however… even you would have to admit that even if it is worth it?