Helm Watches


First day on Watch Crunch....

Does anyone have any views on Helm.... looking at the Titanium Khuraburi?

many thanks 


Welcome! I got a titanium Vanuatu last month after being on the waiting list for around 2 years. If you are interested, get yourself on the waitlist (if you aren't already). No commitment so go ahead and get in line. When your watch is ready, they'll email you and give you 48 hours to buy or they presumably go to the next person on the list.  Helm's list is as far as I can tell strictly based on when you got in line (unlike the lists at some ADs).  You can even check your place on the list on their website (I'll get off the Helm Miyako list in about 18 months).  

As for the watch itself, I love it though sometimes wish I got the stainless version instead (solely because of the material/ not the watch).  It really is a tank (which is why I originally wanted one) and feels great on the wrist.  The bezel is VERY grippy and precise but has the Ti hollow clicks that some complain about (but is fine for my fidget spinning and tracking wait times at restaurants). The bracelet is chunky but also tinny sounding (again, probably because it's titanium). 

Finally, I know some people don't want Chinese watches and the Helm is from China (or at least shipped from China). Not that it matters but I'm more than fine with Chinese watches and prefer them for better cost especially when purchasing from a reputable brand like Helm who has been making these for a while and tests each watch. 


I myself went on the waiting list for the Komodo. Only 3 years to go lol.

They have good reviews from what Ive seen, but just slow production. I agree, just get on the waitlist, you have literal years to figure out if you want one.


I believe they are well regarded. I'm on the wait-list for the miyako. Not entirely convinced to buy, but I figure I have time to decide.