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New vs Used Luxury Watches

Now before everyone gets excited, let me clarify a few things about this post: This post excludes anything that goes up in value after you leave the s...
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Importing Watches (Canada)

I live outside the US as I'm sure many of us here on WC do. Specifically, I live in Canada, and if there's one thing you should know about Canada, it'...
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Stop and smell the cookies

I went out last night with my wife as we had the good fortune of a babysitter. Our evening started off pretty mundane with some dishwasher shopping an...
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tonmed commented on Omega - what would you like to see from the brand next? ·

Vintage no-date diver reissues. I know there are many out there, but just reissue without the fauxtina lume please!!

tonmed commented on IS THE SBGA211 STILL THE BEST GRAND SEIKO? ·

I'm with you on Titanium watches, they're almost too light for me. At that point I'd rather wear resin. I think what Sinn offers with tegimented steel is the best middleground.

To your original question, my go to expert on GS is @HotWatchChick69 . He has many and will have a more hands-on opinion than most.

From my less experienced point of view...it seems the snowflake still holds the crown for most recognized GS watch. It has all the things and subtleties that made GS famous(ish). For my money however, I think no-date dress watches are where GS can really beat out everyone else, hands down. Like the SBGY013:


That to me is a future contender for the snowflake if they just push it a bit more instead of focusing on sports watches as much as they do currently.

tonmed commented on Speedmaster service ·

That is a good price from what I know. Typical mechanical Swiss chrono service around here is $1500 CAD.

tonmed commented on Project Build a Camel Bonus Round - The Committee Strikes... ·

This is a good exercise of executive privilege. A near miss avoided.

tonmed commented on Here's why I hate mineral crystal. ·

Mineral glass has its merits. It is easier to see through for one and not as prone to shattering. You can't easily polish out scratches from mineral glass, it's easier to replace it with a sapphire equivalent or another mineral glass.

I replaced the crystal on my Duro with sapphire purposely to make it pop more:


If you're more into the straight utility of the watch the screen protectors work just fine. I have one on my Citizen PM diver and it looks great while avoiding the glare associated with sapphire. It does not pickup scratches, but even if it does, I just replace the screen.


Mineral and sapphire glasses are both pretty cheap from AliExpress. Mineral you can get as low as $5 and sapphire around the $30-50 mark. If you want a more reputable distributor Crystal Times sells crystals for the Duro.

tonmed commented on Which do you prefer, the classic 36mm steel Oyster Perpetual or the sporty 36mm steel Rolex Explorer? ·

My colleague is having this exact issue. But he is more firmly on the OP side. I would be too only because it's a more humble design. It's not as "loud" as the other designs that have everyone noticing what's on your wrist. 

I really like the explorer design as well, but went with a microbrand that is more focused on being a tool watch.

The flip side is to just get a more obvious design like a date-just or GMT. This is probably the route I'll end up going if I ever make the plunge into Rolex.

tonmed commented on General Question/curiosity... ·

As the rest here mentioned, gravity is your main factor, which depends on position and altitude. If you want to go real wild, timegraph your watch next time you're on an airplane while flying, see what happens.

How tightly or loosely wound the main spring is also factors in, unless you have a movement that compensates for this. When you have a fresh wound spring it transfers mechanical power more consistently than when it's starting to loosen at the end of its wind.

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My affordable (sub $300) divers

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Serica 4512 - which is your favourite?!

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