Davosa Ternos Hulk Homage

In the world of homages and designs inspired by the Submariner there are no shortage of choices (and price ranges) to scratch the itch. Steinhart, Certina (a legend in it's own right), San Martin, etc. One that I chose, and that I think may fly under the radar is the Davosa Ternos. Swiss made, SW-200, Super LumiNova, 40mm x 48mm x 20mm lug, great screw link bracelet options (featured here on their oyster-flex style), nicely AR'd sapphire crystal, screw down case back, nice grip screw down crown, 200m water resist, and 120click unidirectiona bezel with no backplay. For around $800 not a poor choice for entry level with all of the feel (less fit and finish) of its inspiration watch.

 As I mentioned on another homage discussion post; I bought this to scratch the Submariner itch and sate the appetite for whether I wanted to chase this as a grail watch. Answer: no. I'm happy with this and I learned alot about my watch tastes and options from exploring through an homage. I bought direct through Davosa (since Mark at Insland Watch was out of stock). Had a small problem with the movement which they promptly fixed and returned. I got a Swiss quality watch and great customer service for an affordable price. 

I'm not watch savvy enough yet to do a "review" but I'm happy to share thoughts and experiences for those looking at homage alternatives. Davosa has original designs as well as Seamaster Pro, Sea Dweller, GMT master (desk GMT),  etc.. I'm definitely not shilling for them, just saying you can get a Swiss made homage for a decent price to scratch the budget wine itch for champagne ambitions.