This week's duo and so forth

I bet if I had got both of these earlier I'd have less watches. Still looking for a good strap/bracelet for the duro but it's pretty pretty good on this nato. I'm thinking a nice rubber strap would be good. I always thought the 6900 looks kinda like a dive watch, look at that bezel! The 6900 is one of my favorite watches of all time. The duro is an incredible value, I think mine was a few bucks less than the g shock. The duro is a big watch but im always wearing big g shocks so I'm a bit used to it. Although, if it was smaller, 39mm or so, it would be so rad. The 6900... it's so good. I'm thinking of upgrading to the fancy version, with solar and all that, but I want a colorful version.

Because I was wearing smaller watches last go around these feel HUGE.

I got the strap at the Chicago Microlux show from Shout out to the gent at the table asking me a couple of times if I was sure I needed a 22mm strap. Better safe than sorry! I assured him if it wasnt the right size id get another watch, while i was drooling on one of their chronographs. Saw some cool watches at the show, real fun time. Apparently they have them in a few cities. Not sure how other versions are but there was a good amount of local watch comanies there, Carpanthia, Haim, the aforementioned Farr and Swit. I also really liked Escudo watches and Ugly Watch Co. My gf got a 7 Sins auto by Core, for herself. She said to me, "don't buy me another watch. This is it. I don't need more than 3." I wore my Casio Royale.