The stealth bomber

Casio G-Shock GD-120MB 55 x 51.2 x 17.4 mm (via shockbase). 

This G Shock was my first watch that I bought that was more than $20. Got it online during a sale for $60 or so. Before this watch I would buy myself a sub 20 casio and wear it until I would break it, so I was spoiled from the beginning, but this wheelbarrow tire managed to beat those. A constant companion, I think the real turning point came when I got out of a mosh pit, one of the top contributors to killing my watches, with the watch totally intact. It has some big scratches on the face and a few dings, but it's a G Shock.

I always dug the look of the watch with it's negative display, matte black color, and awesome light. I wanted a bit more pop, so I painted the lettering in the bezel to match some of the red on the watch. Something about the watch reminds me of the f117 stealth bomber, some dial on a console, so that's wheres that nickname come from.

The sheer utility of this watch is what's kept it on my wrist for who knows how many hours. Are you truly living your life without a countdown timer right there on your wrist? I use to use my stopwatch on my regular Casios all the time, but sometimes one just forgets. Also 5 alarms! I use a couple of them as a snooze alarm and the rest for benchmarks to keep my day on track. Of course I like the fact that it has taken just tons of near abuse and it just keeps on going.