Okay for now.

Originally on a Seiko the strap feels very very nice. But it doesn't seem to fit any of the watches I put it on. I really think it's the black stripe down the middle. No black stripe would be good. The black stripe is also the same width as the white stripes, but it just looks slimmer. Maybe if the outer stripes were gray it would be fine. I would've left the duro on the stock bracelet but the watch itself feels too nice for the usual okayish casio rubber band. I was planning on putting this strap on my Invicta, but it really clashes with the "rose gold" and blue, normally i wouldnt mind that, but the PD is already kinda loud. I'm thinking a more premium rubber strap for the duro or some kind of dense weave for it. At the very least the strap is comfy.