I think I need help

It all started with my wife who recently tried to get me a Timex MK1 Mr. Porter for Xmas and it was sold out. She told me about it, showed me photos of the watch and that was it. I got obsessed.

They are considerably affordable, come in different case colors, variety of straps, some with date function and some not. And ofcourse the infamous Indigo.

If you have to keep only 3, which ones would you keep? And before you ask, yes I'm open to a trade for a Date Just... Just kidding before your curse 馃槣

From left to right 1,2 and 7.

Thank you for replying 鈽猴笍

I totally agree with and 1&2. I'm not sure about 7.聽

In person the gold toned case clashes with the silver crown more so than with the bronze cases.