Love the watch, hate the bracelet, help?

Got this beautiful piece of the Seiko 5, Tokyo midnight limited edition. Absolutely in love with the bezel and dial combo, while the bracelet; though it looks stunning in a black jubilee fashion, is the worst I've ever put my hands on.. Anyone know a decent place/website where I can find black matted 22mm bracelets that is both comfy and beautiful?? Thank you


Have you tried uncle seiko?

i think better put on rubber strap. but like oysterflex style

Finding a black pvd bracelet for that will be difficult, AliExpress would be your best bet. It may be easier to get just the clasp if that would fix the problem or get a pvd mesh bracelet.

To be honest by the looks of it it s perfect.

I m more the rubber- guy, and still on the hunt for a reliable strap- dealer here in germany.

I have my 5KX GMT Blueberry on a navy blue loopless Artem sail cloth strap. Bloody expensive but really upgrades the watch's appearance and confort.


I鈥檇 email Marc. He is an AD for many brands including Seiko (literally started his business with Seiko mod community). Very reputable, I鈥檝e bought a ton of watches and parts from him (a quick browse and I only found straight end link PVD, but their customer service is stellar). GL mate 鉁岋笍