Watch Recommendation

Looking for a watch with a great dial and at least 50m water resist. I have a budget of 6.5k. I don't want to spend that much but if I have to I will. Looking for something I can get lost in looking at. Also I live on a boat and temps and humidity is rather high so I would love if it could handle that. Thanks


This, sir, is what you are looking for...

SBGA463G | Grand Seiko

It's a diver, but not really.  That is, it has the form of a dive watch, but is so weird, with its cathedral hands and Zaratsu polishing inside the coin edges of the bezel, that it will constantly captivate you.  In particular, the smooth sweep of the spring drive seconds hand is more calming than  valium.  You'll find yourself staring at it all day long.

200M water resistance and all that yadda, yadda, yadda.  As for robustness, the spring drive mechanism should further enhance its ability to take knocks, as there is no escapement and balance spring, which is typically the weakest link in the mechanical watch chain, as it were.

And, due to the strong dollar, you can pick one up new for a screaming deal!


this came to mind if you’re looking to spend well under that 6.5k budget. I don’t have any experience in person with this watch but it’s a well-loved watch and that dial is super cool and not as traditionally feminine as other mother of Pearl dials. 


When you say great dial and ~$6k, the brands that come to mind immediately are Minase and Grand Seiko.

The Minase Divido comes in many dial colours and finishings, such as urushi lacquer.

DIVIDO Shibo-Urushi

Grand Seiko has awesome Heritage pieces that fit your criteria.


Some great dial pieces (I'm a big dial guy) from my collection or will be eventually are the following:

Between $1.5k and $2.5k - Sinn 556i MOPS (referenced earlier by @ThisIsKyle), Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain,  anOrdain Model 1 Fume, Atelier Wen Perception


Sub $1.5k - Straum Opphav (you can get a damascus steel case too!), Boldr Odyssey Freediver Meteo

Preorders open for Straum Opphav Damascus -
Odyssey Freediver Meteo113 – BOLDR Supply Co.

To the risk of being conservative, I'd go for an Omega aqua terra. Like this one, with a green teck dial.