Brilliant or Cringe?

Why three guys decided to blast a MoonSwatch into space

As part of a wacky project, three men decided to launch a MoonSwatch 33,800m above the Earth and into space

I thought NFTs were already out of style?聽

Do have to say I'm a bit biased against the guy behind this stunt ever since I paid for his The Watch Annual 2020 and had to slog through typos, bad grammar, and what essentially amounted to him copying/pasting instagram posts from other people. 馃槙 Seems like another money-grab stunt with selling photos of a MoonSwatch. Or am I just grumpy?

It's entirely a dumb stunt for publicity and cash, but that MoonSwatch will always be the first one into space...聽

At least it's a pretty nice picture, and not some ugly drawing of an ape.