Jintuofei "bauhaus style" dress watch, with a cool story...

On Sept 13th I met with Mr. Liu Zhi Yang, Jintuofei's Chief Watchmaker, in Tianjin.


He had said that if I came to Tianjin he would happily replace a missing lug screw on my Jintuofei blue tourbillon (which I love)


He picked up the watch on the 13th, and said he'd come around to my hotel the next day, evening.

When he returned the next evening, the 14th, he had replaced the entire case, provided me two extra screws--and returned to me the old case, as well.

And, he gifted me this bauhaus style sub-second 8mm thin mechanical watch, complete with a presentation case.


To say I'm grateful is a huge understatement. Thank you, Mr. Liu. It's beautiful. And I'm very grateful we're friends.

Jintuofei doesn't sell many watches in the west, but I think this is a beauty. The movement is a Sea-Gull ST17 auto with the rotor mechanism removed, which is what allows the watch to be so thin.

Classic dress watch heaven that'll fit under any sleeve I can imagine.

Beautiful, congrats!

Nice watch !

Looks similar to the Longines Flagship.


Beautiful watch; I鈥檓 very jealous. Taking notes straight from Junghans. Gorgeous.