Huge by VCM standards: Meihualu w/pocket watch mvmnt

Built by Jilin City Watch Factory, Meihualu is "Sika Deer".

Although the factory built many wristwatches, it was much more well known as a pocket watch company. Among its rarest models was a wristwatch with the pocket watch HJIA movement, like this one.

Most Chinese wristwatches of the 50s-70s were at the usual worldwide 35/36mm size of the day, This one measures 39mm wide without crown, and 45mm lug to lug. And the case is a very solid hunk of stainless.

Jilin City Watch Factory 吉林市表厂
Meihualu 梅花鹿 / anti-shock 防震 / all steel 全钢 


Haven't seen a VCM that large. Looks great.