New addition in collection

Hey everyone i was looking for dress watch in my collection and recently i was roaming in mall for Diwali shopping where i see this watch in Ethos showroom and i brought it Tissot PRX quartz (automatic one is little bit more than my budget) so i go with this and i loved it cool swiss piece my first swiss made watch 馃槉

Good pickup! The PRX is an excellent watch. I think you鈥檒l enjoy it!聽

Can鈥檛 go wrong with the PRX! Great choice

Excellent choice! Looks fantastic

It is a pretty popular watch at the moment, Tissot is known to make a decent quality watch. 聽I like to call it the Omega DNA watch. 聽A friend of mine has several lines of watches OEM and he sells more Tissot than anything else.

Awesome pic my friend!馃憤

Congratulations on a great watch!聽