A question to those who wear their watch on their dominant hand.

I'm right handed and I've always worn my watch on my left hand. I was taught that this would keep the watch from being damaged as quickly when I was young. Most people are right handed and most of them wear their watches on the left. But some of you, infact a great deal of you wear your watch on your dominant hand (whether it be left or right) some even Schwartzkopf it.

My question is this...

Do you ever bonk your watch on the toilet seat when you go to wipe your ass? I realize it's a crass question and crunchers are world wide and have various means of toilet use and clean up. So specifically western toilet users. Any horror stories?

It was something I found myself wondering whilst pondering the universes many mysteries lately one evening.


I always take off the watch for that. 馃槀

I wear a mechanical watch on my left wrist and an Apple Watch on my right. I am right handed, and I鈥檝e never had an issue on the toilet.



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Keep those answers flowing 鈥渞egularly鈥 Crunchers鈥


Great question 馃槀.

Much like how you take care of business for those in the military. If the situation allows for it, remove extra, non essentials, such as tops/blouses, watches, whatever. 馃槅