Single pass straps

One of the first things that I did after receiving the good news that I had won the Longines Legend Diver giveaway is go strap shopping at

I wanted to get some straps to help with the wearing dimensions of the watch as I have a small 6.25” wrist (15.9 cm). NATOs help with the wearing dimensions from lug to lug, but I went a step further and got the single pass variety. This also helps the wearability when it comes to the height of the watch. I don’t consider these true NATOs as they don’t have the extra security that made them so famous to begin with. 

I’m usually very cautious with my watches. I have a desk job over 1000 miles away from any ocean so the only diving this watch will ever do is desk diving. Should I be more concerned of spring bar failure just in case the worst case scenario should occur? Has anyone ever had a spring bar failure? If so, I’d be interested to hear the circumstances. Do any other small wristed watch fans go to these for the same reason as me?