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Your favorite and or best wrist shot / action shot / watch photography

Let's see 'em! What's the one watch photo that you're most proud of and can't wait to show off to any and all? This one is mine. I think of all my pho...
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Citizen NP3021-54A

Not a Sarb but this Citizen NP3021-54A is definitely something cool that you don't see every day! 馃槑 Automatic, 40mm, Sapphire Glass. Just perfect, do...
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Is Anyone Else Impressed With Timex Recently?

Timex will always hold a special place in my heart, as the first watch I ever got was a Timex I got for Christmas when I was seven years old. However,...
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gshock and mountain biking a excellent combination

Took my trusting (and rather dusty.) gshock out for a nice mid weed mountain bike ride... all in all a good time... this gshock is no watchbox queen h...
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Feynman Fjord

Just received this today! I got this on pre-order as a graduation present to myself and have been waiting about 6 months. Feynman has such a unique ae...
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I Am a Convert to the New Seiko 5s!

OK, I have to admit it now. I have had my SRPG35 and my SRPH33 for a couple of months, and I am a convert. I was initially very critical of the SRPDs...
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Seiko Saturday Evening with the Wife

My wife and I are getting ready to go out with some friends for the evening, and we both decided to wear Seiko watches. I am wearing my SRPH33 and she...
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I'm guessing this is where all the MADNESS started! The OG Seiko SKX007馃槑

This 20+ year old OG Seiko SKX007 is possibly the reason why I fell in love with this crazy hobby of watch collecting. This watch was given to me as c...
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Finally Got A Timex Q; The Other Royale!

I finally broke down and got myself one of the new Timex Q watches; the Timex Q Digital. I found a discounted price on Amazon and couldn't resist. Thi...
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Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind until it鈥檚 no longer the case鈥. This is my current 鈥榞o to鈥 watch when I can鈥檛 decide or just want so...
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