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I don't know how I like the HMT on a rubber strap. But it worked well as my partner in crime.

My "Super" new watch build

So I got my last pieces to the puzzle today. I found this 1977 Superman dial on Ebay. I decided to go with a Panerai style case. Along with the case,...

To The Moon and The Stars!!!

It was a pleasure learning and collaborating with such a patient and awesome Cruncher @tonmed who helped me keep pushing with our design and even thou...

Calling all amateur and semipro watch builders / assemblers RE: engraving

I'm considering sourcing the parts for a watch from AliExpress (of course) for my son. I am thinking about personalizing the case back. Has anyone had...
Another build last night. I like how this one turned out. A vintage inspired case with acrylic crystal. But with a new looking dial and hands.
Newest Mod.

Invicta 31290 (1953)

Want to mod the bezel insert, anyone knows where to find the replacement? Or a compatible insert from another watch model ?

Another round of builds

It's been a minute since I posted an update I thought I'd share what I've been up to. Also I'm closing in on 500 followers on Instagram https://instag...

Watch repair here I come!

I just received all my equipment and tools for some basic repairs. Im really excited to start my journey into horology.

Ichi Builds…”The Lone GS Ranger”

Ok wanted to share another Ichi Creation!! The Lone GS Ranger!! I had some parts and could not resist to try this new dial out soooo… here it is!! Spe...