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SurferJohn ·

“The Wobble” Valjoux 7750 - Showing mine, let's see yours!

Let’s see your watches with the 7750 movement or 77xx derivatives, and hear your thoughts about them. After everything that has come and gone in my lo...
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Romaediem ·

What does everyone think of the new Tissot PRX 35mm automatic?

It's been long awaited. I remember when the PRX came out we all wished for a 36-37mm automatic version. Then the 35mm quartz came out and we knew that...
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watchesandespresso ·

Which is your favorite watch conglomerate?

Which conglomerate offers the best overall selection of brands and watches in your opinion?
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IanCognito ·

Hamilton Hotel Party!

Got invited to the Hamilton VIP Preview Event held at 1Hotel Toronto. What an amazing fun time! Check out my recap here:
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GullibleAndroid ·

Nice To See MIDO Getting Some Attention In The North American Market!

I really like the MIDOs in my collection for their great fit and finish, original design language, and interesting heritage. I rarely see them"in the...
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mjosamannen ·


Calendar 17 of 24 🎅 Plastic fantastic and an easily identifyable fasion icon of the 80s and more of a collectible in later years. Far from high horology, yet this brad would become a giant as it bough...
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Moonlight520 ·

First impression of Hamilton Murph 38mm

Hamilton listened and I kept my words.It was delivered to my office today , I couldn’t wait longer to unbox it . First impression - as a field watch v...
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mjosamannen ·

What's the worst logo (on the dial)?

Share your opions! Maybe this might end up as a poll 📈? I personally hate the modern Tissot logo. It was one of the reasons I got rid of my PRX. They...
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Jeroemy ·

Omega X Swatch Thoughts

A Brilliant Example of Corporate Synergy at its peak or a huge brand positioning mistake? Omega & Swatch has been teasing this project for a littl...
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wizard903 ·

The uppermost echeleon, the paragon, the true "zenith" of haute horology—and more, the unsurpassable pinnacle of human artistic expression as such—has arrived:

"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" —Swatch, DIE GLOCKE
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