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Ls9009 ·

Strap versus Bracelet

I THINK summer is coming so I switched the bracelet for the deployment strap on my Speedy. I think the new speedy bracelet is the most comfortable eve...
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Grenouillet ·

Moonswatch Gold

Is that it ? will see...
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NCExpat ·

Hesalite or Sapphire for Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional?

Let's open this can of worms. :-) My main problem with the hesalite is that I am a klutz. That's not hyperbole, I am always bumping my watches into door frames, car doors, you name it. With a sapphire...
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OmegaStu ·

Hello fellow watch enthusiasts, here's my current collection.

Pics of my current watches
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cspnanda ·

Which Speedmaster to get

I am looking to get a speedmaster. The moonwatch professional is of course the classic one, 3861 movement and will look great on straps. But I have be...
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Furkzwatch ·

Omega Speedmaster Runs without winding

Hi I picked up my speedmaster 2022 model (was completely stopped, needed winding) and was playing around with it and the seconds hands started moving...
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Nobody.Tokyo ·

Belated hello to the community

Totally forgot that I did not post a self introductory post and just started blasting wristshots and commenting on posts because this community is too...
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JBird7986 ·

NWA! The other other Moonswatch alternative? The Speedmaster Homage by Phylida.

For a long time, I have flirted on and off with the idea of getting a Speedmaster Moonwatch, but I've never been able to get over the hurdle of the fa...
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therapist ·

Speedmaster question

Speedmaster 3861 Owners: How many winds do you do on your watch in the morning? I feel like I keep running out of power before 24 hours but I know it...
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sticktock ·

Speedmaster Professional 3861 Sapphire or Hesalite?

Curious to hear your thoughts on crystal (and accompanying design difference) options for the 3861. Initially, I was more drawn to the hesalite option...
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