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SNXS rescued

So... I've had a bit of fun with this Seiko 5 SNXS that I've been working on for @Scooby Initially it looked like a fairly standard refurbish and serv...
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Seiko SKX007 I don't know what it is!!! Share Your Story 馃檹馃徑

This Seiko SKX007 doesn't see the wrist time it deserves. But once I put it on my wrist I'm absolutely STUNNED. WatchCrunch Fam! What is it?!?! 馃
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Seiko SKX013

This was the 3rd watch I added to the collection馃 After I got my Seiko Cocktail time, I started looking into dive watches and quickly fell in love wit...
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SKX013: Bracelet Choice

You鈥檒l see which one I purchased in a few days, but which would you choose? Thanks to @Candide3693 for selling me this watch. I see why there was so much disappointment in the discontinuation of these...
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Delusions of Grandeur

Maybe not the real deal but, still looks stunning IMO. As the birch is my all time grail if money was no option! This is my build on a budget . Maybe...
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Starter collection: Thoughts?

Hi everyone, im still a college student and haven鈥檛 had the budget to expand my collection into more storied brands with higher price tags. For now, I...
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A collection keeper! SKX013

So we all know there are watches in our collections that have memories attached to them and therefore are impossible to sell ! I wear for work, I have...
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My little SKX collection

Hello, This is my first post on this online community. Today I have finished my own little SKX collection. From left to right: skx007, skx011, skx009.
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Uncle Seiko Beads of Rice Bracelet Review

Starting off with the hollow end links, they fit decently. They don鈥檛 move around, but they aren鈥檛 a flush fit either. For me the end link fit is one...
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Seiko Watch Goals For 2022!!!!????

So here is my current Seiko SOTC!!! What am I missing bearing in mind I don鈥檛 wear dress watches! Hit me!;)
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