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Rolex Submariner

Calendar day 4 of 24 馃巺 A know silhouette. Imitated, admired and hated. A long running tool watch turned luxury timepiece. This is no stranger to anyone, so there is little to add to the videos, articl...
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SeaQ or Sub......should I outrage the AD??....

So.....I went and tried one of these's lovely to wear and although pictures make them look peculiar, with the gold bezel/crown, the steel c...
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Guilty pleasures within this hobby?

I must admit that when I see another person wearing a gold watch (regardless of the brand), I must work against my inner emotions and prejudice toward...
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5 Rolex submariner alternatives at five diffrent price points

#1.Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight - Price Under 5000$ #2.Oris Aquis Date - Price Under 3000$ #3.Lorier Neptune IV - Price Under 1000$ #4.Orient Kamasu -...
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A 16610LV in disguise

By simply replacing the original green insert on the 16610LV with an original black LN insert, the "Kermit" transforms into a more subtle, classic mon...
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Rolex Submariner Starbucks

That green 馃槏
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What would you get next?

I鈥檝e been lucky enough to build a small 3 watch collection over the last 2 1/2 years comprising of a Rolex Submariner No Date 114060, Rolex Explorer I...
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Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV 鈥淪tarbucks鈥

One of the most iconic watches in the world! Personally, I think it鈥檚 hard not to fall in love with this piece! The colour combination, dimensions, an...
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Too many divers: Keep both? Or sell one?

I love divers. They are super practical as an everyday watch and suitable for any occasion, incredibly legible with easy to read dials, and easier to use than a chronograph to quickly time something....
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Rolex Authorised Dealers (lack of) new customer service?

I'm a recent collector with only relatively budget purchases so far. But that doesn't stop me dreaming of buying something higher end in the future. I...
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