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msugarman ·

Turned off by Hodinkee lately??!!!

Anybody feel the same way I do? Lately, like for the past year or so, their content has started to feel a bit like an advitorial - an ad disguised as...
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ChrisF ·

Omega Speedmaster Professional Preowned vs. New

Hey everyone! looking for a little expertise on buying a speedmaster professional moon watch. Originally, I assumed buying preowned, even getting a fr...
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Stewart_VA ·

Pre-owned market price drops?

I regularly look for certain watches that are no longer available from an AD. J Moser, Parmigiani, vintage JLC and others. I’ve noticed that some of m...
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Archangel ·

Watch Dealers = Used Car dealers except this one....

I like buying pre-owned watches (indeed, one has no other choice for some brands...) Over the years, I've noticed a parallel between watch dealers and...
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Legalkimchi ·

Pre-owned vs grey market question

I was searching but couldn't find the answer. Why are pre owned watches, even older ones, more expensive than the grey markey sites? I know there is t...
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PeterKotsa ·

With watch prices coming down, I think its a GREAT time to buy pre-owned. What do you think?

I have been following the prices of preowned watches for the past 6 to 12 months and have noticed a sharp decline in prices. I just purchased an Omega...
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Leonwim ·

Is there a possibility to buy a pre-owned Grand Seiko under $1000?

I really love Grand Seiko Watches, but sadly I don't have the money to buy one, because I'm a student. Is there a possibility to buy a pre-owned Grand...
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watchcharts ·

Two-Tone Watches

Two-tone watches: why enthusiasts love and not-love them, their market performance, and some personal two-tone picks.

Two-Tone Watches
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Nanday ·

Buying Pre-Owned Watches

I have been in the pre-owned market for a while, looking for deals. After a few research (budget-mid range) watch prices are expected to go down in va...
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thewatchpanther ·

Buying used watches

Where do you mostly purchase your used watches, and why? What are the pros and cons of purchasing your used watches from these sellers? Local used wat...
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