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HotWatchChick69 ·

Buy a watch, help save the world? #16 (Porsche Design Datetimer)

Friends! Up for auction today is the Porsche Design Datetimer. All titanium construction! All proceeds go to . DIREC...
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FlashGordon ·

Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – GP 2023 Edition

Fellow Watch Crunchers, I need your help - I am in a little bit of a pickle. I absolutely love the new Porsche Design Chronograph 1 (GP 2023 Edition,...
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zachweiss ·

Are there any watches you’re so into, you’ve multiples of?

There’s something about the Porsche Design Orfinas that just really works for me. Good size, clean design, aggressive but understated. I ended up with...
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zachweiss ·

Landed a bit of a grail recently

This is a nearly NOS Porsche Orfina 7177 in Green PVD - hard to find in general, nearly impossible in great condition. Lucked out
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TheHoroSexual ·

Why does Porsche Design get so little love with WIS? Is their history not well known?

I believe that my Porsche Design ChronoTimer Series 1 is such an underrated watch. In 1972 the brand presented the first watch designed for it by F.A....
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buettner ·

New Baltic Tricompax In Good Company

Have really been enjoying the latest from Baltic, and will have a full hands-on impressions coming soon - but wanted to highlight some of my favorite...
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bevelwerks ·

Bracelet Makes a Difference

Received the matching bracelet for my Boldr Nitecore over the holiday, and finally fitted it to the watch and I must say I think it’s really transform...
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HotWatchChick69 ·

Why is it that Porsche Design get no love?

Just got this in! MSRP is something like $4,000 and you can pick these up as former window display models - essentially brand new - for like 75% off!...
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Max ·

Have You Seen The New Top Gun Movie?

Maverick wears the same chronograph 36 years later, and it turns out to be a legit watch with a good story. I'm working on a video now! What did you think of the movie?
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Max ·

Maverick's TOP GUN Watch Can Be Your Wingman Any Day!!

The porsche design chronograph 1 isn't just another movie prop, it was the first all black watch with a legendary movement designed by the man who gav...
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WristShotDude ·

checking out the new 43mm Big Pilot in Titanium with the B-Uhr dial

checking out the new 43mm Big Pilot in Titanium with the B-Uhr dial
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theodore ·

New materials in watchmaking

For many watch collectors inspired by more classical approaches to watchmaking, the plethora of new materials being used in contemporary watchmaking c...
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tooltickstory ·

Sweeping second and enchanting humming

Recently found and grabbed IWC electronic watch... Spending days with my hand/wrist close to my ears... Magical... no tick tock comes close... feels s...
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harrisc852 ·

IWC Tribute to 3705

Just picked up this wall painting frame to go with the watch :)
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harrisc852 ·

My flight inspired trio

Let’s see some flight inspired watches out there :)
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HonestWatchReviews ·

Hruodland Aquatimer Homage

I still think this is one of the best watches available on AliExpress. Here's the link to the watch and my review.
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harrisc852 ·

Pilot's Watch Mark XVIII Edition "HODINKEE"

Love the clean and symmetric dial, size and case material (ceratanium) MSRP was $6400 and it's now selling for $10k+ on Chrono24! Can IWC and Hodinkee...
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jakaplan4 ·

SOTC 2023

With the Tank being procured last Friday, here is the updated SOTC. All I truly want now is a datejust 36 but that's out of the budget. Even without t...
4 269 ·

The ultimate duo | The ultimate watch 🌳

how amazing it would have been to own one of these watches growing up! *** What watches did you have growing up? *** In my late 10’s, I wore Timex’s a...
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Robair ·

Top gun. No spoilers. Pilot watches.

Hey all, I had to wear this to the movie as you understand why. For anyone who seen the film there are some watches that all the pilots seem to be wea...
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