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Green Bronze?

So, I've been considering getting a bronze watch, but the main thing that keeps me from the idea is the green factor. I do have a medical condition th...

New Strap - Maratac Bronze Pilot

I told myself 2024 will be the year of the strap. So far a few straps have been slowly replaced by better ones. The Maratac Bronze Pilot originally ca...
Here is my YEMA ‘skin-diver’, 37mm. No idea of age or provenance, I’ve owned it for a couple of years and it keeps good time (loses 30 seconds a day I...
Tired Tuesdays, amirite?
1930 Illinois Beau Geste. Serviced, white gold filled case and it keeps excellent time. Illinois was a pretty well respected brand that fell on hard t...
Been messing around with this watch. Swapped the ceramic insert for an aluminum. I grinded down the crown guards to sorta look more milsub like. Now I...

The way it ought to have been.

So … I received the pro diver in the above pics except the stock one (2nd from left) it has had the polished centre links brushed & the same effec...

Will modern watch dials patinate in time?

Shout out to @Cgmiliani for his earlier article on opinions about patina that made me question this. I'm wondering if there is any kind of consensus o...
1970 Rolex OP Date with the mosaic patina
Omega Seamaster 2937-5. A recent pick up. How does everyone feel about the patina on the dial?