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UnholiestJedi ·

Patina, WTF?

Seriously, why DO we care about patina on watches? Is it because we've somehow decided that 'all original' means something, even though if a 50+ year-...
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Saigoat ·

Bronze Watch Experiment #2: Plant Fertilizer

Here's a follow-up in my bronze watch experimentation series . I added a coat of greenish patina using 20-20-20 plant fertilizer. With the tough dark...
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a1owy1 ·

Do scratches give watches "character"?

Hot Take: Scratches absolutely do not give watches character. Unlike a patina'd dial and/or lume, scratches on a crystal or a dinged up case simply make the watch look objectively worse. Thoughts?
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Jojocruz ·

Dan Henry 1963 on original bracelet

Put my DH 1963 back on its original strap. Love the leather patina.
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Saigoat ·

Bronze Watch Experiment #1: Gun Bluing Paste

I bought an inexpensive Chinese CuSn8 bronze watch for patina experimentation. Who cares if something goes wrong? Not me. This watch has a sterile dia...
2 37 ·

Vintage 🔴🔵

Two amazing pieces 🔵🔴 in the collection!
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tlandonevans ·

Black Bay Aging - Experience? Thoughts?

No, I'm not asking about the patina on Bronze models. I want to know what I should expect 5, 10, 20 years down the road from your typical steel models...
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Escadel ·

I'd love one if I could find one

Anyone got one of these, in this condition or know where I could find one?
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casio_tonneau ·

Gst b100 g 2a and dog

I just learned that plated rose gold can be expected to last maybe a few years and I feel a little sad. Can I be bouyed by this thing called ion plati...
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fritz15 ·

Show me your bronze watches!

Say hi to my Glycine Combat Sub in bronze! Has anyone else fallen victim to bronze‘s call?
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