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thewatchzealot ·

San Martin Watches. Respectable or Deplorable?

What are your thoughts about San Martin Watches?
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TimeCop ·

What are the most polarising watches you own??

I'll start.
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thewatchzealot ·

Islander Watches, what are your opinions?

What are your thoughts on Islander Watches? Honest opinions only please. Follow me on instagram - @thewatchzealot
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Jesabater ·

Vice City Standard Time

So my cousin decided he wants to rent a boat and do a "Miami Vice" themed party for his birthday, which got me thinking.... What are some watches you...
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Unholy ·

what do you guys think of glycine airman

hey watchcrunch i needed your opinion. what do you think of this glycine gl0071? i want to buy my first swiss piece and i dont have any gmt genre on m...
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watchdawg ·

Ming 37.07 latest (timed) release.

I think the latest Ming 37.07 looks cool. Anyone else here have a difference of opinion? Anyone here passing up this release because of the increase i...
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Kharisds ·

Opinion: G-Shocks and Digital Watches? Yay or Nay?

Hey Watch Fam, What are your thoughts on digital watches? And of course the Casio G-Shock overall? The watch community is often seem to be "elitist" o...
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CombatWombat ·

Controversial Watch Opinions

I'd love to talk about some controversial watch opinions you guys have. I'll start, Tag Heuer is one of the most overrated watch brands in their curre...
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lechad ·

Watch Market

Where do you think the watch market is going?
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Brino04 ·

Limited Editions

What are people‘s thoughts on limited editions? Are they just cash grabs? Are they actually best for collectors and brands? I personally think they ar...
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