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Breitling - What's Your Take?

As a kid I grew up dreaming of one day owning a Breitling Navitimer. I thought it was the coolest, most beautiful, and sophisticated watch I had ever seen (I was 15 mind) - 20 years later I was able t...
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Are Seiko Mods Respected ?

Seiko is known for making reliable and high-quality watches, and the same holds true for modded watches.🖤 Modifying Seiko watches is a popular way to...

Serious question / thoughts about Grand Seiko

So I'm trying to eye my next watch, and I am flirting with the idea of a Grand Seiko because I think the spring drive technology is fascinating and an...

Value for money and pride in ownership

Time and time again I see sotc posts in which the poster is embarrassed of their fashion watches. Heck, Ben from BWC bashing on fashion watches was wh...

Opinions on Serica

Hey Crunchers! I'm currently in Paris this week and I've been eyeing the Serica watches, particularly the 5303-3 model. However, before making the pur...

MoonSwatch; Is it a Luxury Watch

Swatch ™ is hinting strongly at another MoonSwatch ™ release ; this time incorporating Peanuts' Snoopy © in some fashion. This would be, I believe, th...

Classiest Tag Heuer Ever

Here comes another controversial (albeit true) take your way my fellow crunchers! go go go go go with the comments! https://everydaywatchreviews.blogs...

Bulova Lovers. Where Are You?

Morning Crunchers? Question: Any Bulova fans here? What is your favorite Bulova? Are Bulovas underrated/overrated? What are your thoughts on Bulovas?...

Watches are not fun for me! 😱(Interesting topic ahead)

So this is a topic I would like you guys to weigh in on. So here is the basis….Watches are my favorite hobby and one I want to grow throughout my life...

Grad/Birthday gift for myself suggestions?

Coming up this month will be my 20th birthday, as well as my polytechnic graduation. What better excuse to buy myself a watch to celebrate? I have bee...