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iamluigi ·

Too much...

In my recent exploration of the Casio lineup, I came across three new models, each of which boasts the so-called "Tiffany" blue dial. These models inc...
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Pete_NSOW ·

New Breitling Top Times and Premiers - some thoughts

So Breitling just released a bunch of updates to existing lines. The previous 'capsule' collection toptimes got an update and made 'core collection'....
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nightfury95 ·

Anybody looking for a affordable moonphase, then Casio has got you covered

Casio released new moonphase watches in bunch of colors in round and square cases. Priced at $75-100 depending on the variation (price may vary depend...
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nightfury95 ·

Orient Mako diver chronographs

Orient already makes the Neo 70's solar chronograph models and for $200, those models were great affordable solar quartz options. Recently, Orient rel...
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tonmed ·

New Tissot Seastar 40mm Quartz

When I thought about getting my first Swiss watch a couple of years ago I was seriously considering a Tissot Seastar. I thought the price point and sp...
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Mastiff ·

Sinn T50

Just seen the new T50 in the Sinn Diver range. A watch that for me suddenly screams to the top of my large want list. Two pro factors in this watch. T...
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twostitchstraps ·

Omega - what would you like to see from the brand next?

Omega has been on fire lately! One of my favorite releases is definitely the Seamaster 60th Anniversary 007 Bond, which brought back my favorite wave...
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AboutVintage ·

Introducing a brand new style

In 1964 Seiko became the official timekeeper of the Summer Olympics. This marked an important development in how Japanese watchmaking was perceived. F...
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emeric ·

Invitations to a Geneva Watch Fair

Hi everyone. I propose to offer to WatchCrunch members free invitations to Time to Watches (instead of 25 CHF), a watch fair where Hegid (my brand) wi...

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Dark_Time ·

Tag Heuer 2023 new releases

Hi WC Fam ! I'm pretty sure you already know that Tag Heuer release new watches this week, but I do wanna know your opinions Sooo what do you think ab...
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