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Gevril West Village - cyan. high quality 'hommage.' paid 1/5 msrp. my first for锚t back into watches. I spent a gap year in Santa Fe NM, dial color rem...
James Bond Hommage馃槑

Is a Frankenwatch ever okay?

Frankenwatches are an important topic and we have had over 643 unique posts on Watchcrunch discussing this according to google. I recently purchased three refurbished watchs from ebay. They claimed to...
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Modding and Style-theft

I have always loved the design of the Datejust, but neither can you buy one of these nor do I have that kind of money. So after researching and quite...

Rolex really is a hommage brand at this point. Shame.

As plainly as can be seen. The most loved/hated watch in watches and wonders is a straight up rip off. Rolex should be ashamed.

[Steinhart Ocean One 39] Keep it or sell it?

I recently bought this beautiful watch, but I'm not sure if I want to wear a Rolex hommage. I don't want people to think I'm pretending to wear a Submariner. What do you think, should I keep it or sel...
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This Chenxi is one of the first two watches I purchased in aliexpress... My God is it gaudi, but I love it. 馃槄 However, it was completely off, by days...
Pagani 1751 Tudor ranger hommage

Well..this just happened

Didn鈥檛 expect much. Liked the dial color. Got about 20 days of wear out of the watch.聽 Expectations were met. No regrets. 馃槀 Probably won鈥檛 buy a chea...
Best cheap watch I've ever bought... But I'm so glad I changed the rubber strap to a better one. Thinking about getting the same watch in all black or...