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My wife loves Daniel Wellington... AKA, how I added the GS SBGW289 to my personal collection

Back in April of 2022, GS announced the manual wind, 3-hand, no-date SBGW289. With a diameter of only 36.5mm, I thought it would make the perfect watc...

Fashion watches

With the whole trashing of fashion watches, I didn't initially count an old Hugo boss watch as part of my "collection". But objectively looking at it,...

In Defense of Fashion Watches

I know fashion watches are generally frowned upon by this community. However, that belief is misguided as some fashion watches have a myriad of other...

Shout out to those with fashion watches!

Which of your fashion watches are still ticking? There鈥檚 a reputation of them not being reliable or long lasting鈥..but who out there has some that are...

Has AP stopped caring? Minimal Royal Oak 1017 ALYX 9SM collab

"At the crossroads of fashion and Haute-Horlogerie: unveiling our new collaboration with designer Matthew Williams and his brand 1017 ALYX 9SM." I exp...

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are the mopeds of motorcycles. What say you Crunchers?

Stories attached to your watch

For me when it comes to watches. It鈥檚 more about the stories attached to the watch than the watch itself. So this one of the stories attached to this...

Have your tastes changed this much?

Recently, I decided to catalog all 2200 of the photos in my collection, including 681 of watches and watch-related stuff. Having gathered the 19 SWC t...

The fashion watch if I only knew

This is my one and only fashion watch excluding my fossil as they get a pass they say it鈥檚 a Armani watch I got well over 10 years ago when I was youn...

Simpler times..

Thinking back to simpler times tonight. Back when I was searching for the next best fashion watch because that's what was "cool" or "impressive". I ca...