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Last DS Podium with the ETA2824 movement. I like the smoother glide of that white seconds hand!

Calling all Pro Divers!

I’m a sucker for two-tone watches. When this one arrived to the jewelry store I was working at in 2005…I promptly bought it with my employee discount!...
Neovintage 1995 Oris 35mm eta2824

Servicing an Oris "Constantine" Modern Classic

I had a lovely chat with a guy last year at a business event and we bonded over shared interest about watches, specifically Oris. I previously did a t...
From one Podium to another… Sounds like a running politician!😄
White seconds shows off the smooth sweep of the pre-Powermatic 80 ETA 2824 movement. Have a great start to your week Crunchers!

On 2824-based Modding - Part 3

So, I was quite happy with my build that I described in 2824-based Modding - Part 2 . After that I took things slowly. I wanted to start with a really...

On 2824-type Modding - Part 1

Now, it wasn't that long ago that I purchased the ST2130 on AliExpress, just to find out what building a mod with this type of movement would be like....

Unfortunate start of the year

This morning i woke up and wanted to wear the Khaki. To my surprise, when i tried to manual wind it, it was stiff, and made a scratchy noise. I though...

Regulating ETA 2824

Regulating the ETA 2824 requires some parts to come off to reach the regulating levers.